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2019-2020 Executive Board

 Corine Mack, President

Darrell Gregory, First Vice-President

Steve Rundle, Second Vice-President

O'Nicholas Lindsey, Third Vice-President

Rev. Arthur Canada, Secretary

Jessica Finkel, Assistant Secretary

Jack Curtis, Treasurer

Cindy Foster, Assistant Treasurer

At-Large Members 

Beverly Coppening

Kayla Forney

Tim Hines

Willie Keaton

Linda Lockhart

Jessica Mouzon

Lucille Puckett

Michael Roulhac

G. Rebecca Warren

Jordan Sprenger-Wilson

Committee Chairs

Political Action- Lucille Puckett

Membership - Mike Roulac/ Jessica Finkel

Education - Darrell Gregory

Criminal Justice - Joshua Proby

Green Jobs/ Environmental Justice - Steve Rundle

Environmental/Climate - Tina Katsanos

Labor/Workers Rights - Marty Puckett

Healthcare and Wellness - Beverly Corpening

Religious Affairs - Rev.Chandler Sanders

Community Coordinator - Willie Keaton

Youth and College - Kayla Forney/ Dennis Reed

Legal Redress - Keith Way

Economic Development - Rodney Moore

Housing - Linda Lockhart

WIN and Freedom Fund - Rebecca Warren

Young Adults - Jessica Mouzon

Press and Public Relation - Rev. Corine Mack/Steve Rundle

ACT-SO - Dennis Reed

Social Media - Tim Hines

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