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Endeavors to enhance the relation between the labor movement and the NAACP:

We co-wrote the policy and led the fight on a living wage for all city employees. We led and organized the State Ban the Box.

We won the State Ban the Box and won a three dollar raise per hour for City workers.


Contributions and activities that made a difference in the political process and to empower the community:

We wrote three legislative policies:

1. Citizens Review Board: subpoena power, independent investigatory.

We also wrote CRB policy changes to make the board more diverse. We won the local changes; staggered appointments, age, race and sexual orientation representatives; continual training, including implicit bias training, end of nepotism and favoritism in appointments to the board.

2. Raise the Age bill submitted and lobbied.

We won the change for youth incarceration. All youth under 18 years old no longer will be incarcerated as adults.

3. Police Accountability: President Mack organized the rallies for the National Police Foundation to investigate all conduct during the September 2016 uprising. In 2017 the Foundation appointed Minister Mack to the Police Foundation committee to review all of the issues of the uprising. The outcome was a full report outlining all of the issues as well as recommendations to the City.


Major contributions in advancing and protecting the civil rights of all people, especially people of color:

President Corine Mack fought for Police Accountability and transparency. Minister Mack fought for the continual push to have public access to all videos in a police shooting resulted in HB972. This bill will afford any citizen requesting the videos the opportunity to receive them once your formal request is approved. We have not lost a request to date.

Minister Mack championed African whistle blowers that have been terminated due to retaliation. The County manager has allowed over 300 citizens to be in the dark regarding their health department test results. The County Commissioners who were aware took it personal and have held grudges against Minister Mack. She stood her ground and won an independent investigation by gaining five Commissioners vote to support her request.

Minister Mack also pressured the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) to investigate the alternative school Turning Point Academy after a 14 year old was wrongfully placed in the school was murdered by fellow students. Through Minister Mack's work; the school is being restructured to separate elementary students from high school students. Also, she focused on the importance of weeding out criminals from the academic program's educational system to be taught with a more holistic approach to be led by re-entering citizens.

Minister Mack taking leadership to task definitely took courage. In the end her sacrifices have brought the Black community justice in areas of education and criminal justice. These are two strongholds of Charlotte that needed change. There is more to come.



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