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JULY 2015


Charlotte City Council Passes Civil Liberties Protection Resolution
June 8, 2015

"I am proud of the work we did as community leaders....I am especially proud of the relationship building of love, trust and mutual respect we nurtured through this process.We have just begun a NEW thing in Charlotte.Watch us work... United States!" -Minister Corine Mack, President, NAACP Charlotte-Mecklenburg

"So proud of my city tonight. Thanks to all those who continue to fight the good fight including Robert Dawkins, Corine Mack, John Autry, Al Austin, Robbie Akhere, Matthew Newton and countless others who make this city great!" -Lula Dualeh

"Kudos to Charlotte City Council for UNANIMOUS support of Civil Liberties Resolution and Ordinance!"  -Beth Pickering 

"Making history tonight in Charlotte, passing the Civil Liberties Ordinance unanimously to uphold racial justice in our policing." -Monica Embrey, Greenpeace