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Ask NC Attorney General Roy Copper to schedule the retrial of Randall Kerrick

They say that nothing can compare to the heartbreak one suffers when a parent loses a child.  As a mother, my heart has been broken time and time again not only when I first learned that Randall Kerrick had shot and killed my son, but throughout the aftermath, the trial and most recently, the mistrial.

While we respect members of law enforcement and have them in our family, we still don't understand why it's so hard to hold them accountable when they've done something wrong.  I believe the killer of my son needs have a jury of his peers render a verdict in this case.

Please join with us as we ask Roy Cooper, Attorney General for the state of North Carolina, to retry this case.  He's the only person who can ensure that we are able to pursue our goal of Justice for Jonathan.
After all, 10 bullets is 10 too many.


JULY 2015


Charlotte City Council Passes Civil Liberties Protection Resolution
June 8, 2015

"I am proud of the work we did as community leaders....I am especially proud of the relationship building of love, trust and mutual respect we nurtured through this process.We have just begun a NEW thing in Charlotte.Watch us work... United States!" -Minister Corine Mack, President, NAACP Charlotte-Mecklenburg

"So proud of my city tonight. Thanks to all those who continue to fight the good fight including Robert Dawkins, Corine Mack, John Autry, Al Austin, Robbie Akhere, Matthew Newton and countless others who make this city great!" -Lula Dualeh

"Kudos to Charlotte City Council for UNANIMOUS support of Civil Liberties Resolution and Ordinance!"  -Beth Pickering 

"Making history tonight in Charlotte, passing the Civil Liberties Ordinance unanimously to uphold racial justice in our policing." -Monica Embrey, Greenpeace