NAACP Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Branch #5376 - "The Time Is Now. So Let's Get Busy and Seize the Time."

                      2017-2018 Executive Board

 Corine Mack, President

Rev. Milton Williams, 3rd Vice-President

Harriett Platt Mendinghall, Secretary

Millie Ruscito, Assistant Secretary

Tom Strini, Treasurer

At-Large Members 

Michael Roulhac, Membership Committee, Chair

O'Nicholas Lindsey, ACT-SO Committee, Chair

Rev. G. Rebecca Warren, Women In NAACP (WIN) Committee Chair

Steve Rundle, Political Action Committee,  Chair

Cindy Foster, Labor Committee, Chair

Courtney Strickland, Young Adult Committee, Chair

Ashley Grisham, Legal Redress Committee, Chair

Marty Puckett, Community Coordination, Co-Chair,   

Tommy Nichols, Economic Development, Chair

Jammie Barrett, Education Committee, Co-Chair

Pierdae Kpaeyeh, Education Committee, Co-Chair

Twanna Fennell, Religious Affairs, Chair

Kevin Boyer, Criminal Justice Committee, Chair

Aires Williams, Social Media Committee, Chair